Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose slow-dissolving type and fast-dissolving type

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Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose slow-dissolving type and fast-dissolving type

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is mainly divided into slow-dissolving type (also known as hot-dissolving type) and instant-dissolving type, and slow-dissolving type is also the most commonly used cellulose ether. Now SLEOCHEM briefly introduces the characteristics of these two different types of methyl cellulose ethers, so as to make better choices in our production and use process.

Slow-dissolving hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is characterized by clumping together when it encounters cold water, but it will rapidly diffuse in water in hot water until it disappears completely in water. When the temperature gradually drops, its viscosity Increase slowly until a clear, viscous liquid forms. The agglomeration phenomenon is similar to the dissolution of high-viscosity sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. When the cellulose powder outside the water dissolves, it becomes viscous, and then wraps the cellulose inside that has not been in contact with water, but This will also dissolve slowly, but it will take a longer time. One thing to note here is that many users think that the hot-melt type must rely on hot water, which is one-sided. For example, for putty powder, it is a dry powder mixture during use. In this case, cellulose is mixed with other substances. Together, cellulose and cellulose are spaced apart from each other. In this case, when they encounter water, they will not clump together.

The characteristic of instant hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is that when it encounters cold water, it will quickly diffuse in cold water, but its viscosity will take time to rise, because it only diffuses in water in the early stage, not dissolved in a substantial sense. Its viscosity reaches the maximum value for about 40 minutes. The advantage of this is that when it is used in a specific industry, it will not be mixed with dry powder, or when it needs to be dissolved and cannot be used with hot water due to equipment conditions and other reasons. Type hydroxypropyl methylcellulose solves such a problem.

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