Basic knowledge of dispersible polymer powder

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Basic knowledge of dispersible polymer powder

Redispersible polymer powder is the main additive for dry powder ready-mixed mortar such as cement-based or gypsum-based.

Redispersible latex powder is a polymer emulsion that is spray-dried and aggregated from the initial 2um to form spherical particles of 80~120um. Because the surfaces of the particles are coated with an inorganic hard-structure resistant powder, we obtain dry polymer powders. They are extremely easy to pour and bag for storage in warehouses. When the powder is mixed with water, cement or gypsum-based mortar, it can be redispersed, and the basic particles (2um) in it will re-form into a state equivalent to the original latex, so it is called redispersible latex powder.

It has good redispersibility, re-disperses into an emulsion on contact with water, and has exactly the same chemical properties as the original emulsion. By adding dispersible polymer powder to cement-based or gypsum-based dry powder ready-mixed mortar, various properties of the mortar can be improved, such as:

Improve the adhesion and cohesion of mortar;
Reduce the water absorption of the material and the elastic modulus of the material;
Flexural strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and durability of reinforcement materials;
Improve the construction performance of materials, etc.