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Cellulose ether has good characteristics such as thickening, suspension, dispersion, emulsification, adhesion, film formation, moisture protection, and protective colloid.

Cleaners and detergents: Use of celopro cellulose ethers provides viscosity control, cling, foaming, soil anti-redeposition, and emulsion stabilization to household cleaners and detergents.

Liquid and Gelled Soaps: In liquid bathroom soaps and in gelled soaps (“waterless” hand cleaners) SLEO cellulose ethers serve as viscosifiers and suspending agents. The surface activity of SLEO cellulose ethers allows them to boost the miscibility of organic components of soap formulations.

Washing up liquids for hand application are adjusted to neutral or slightly acidic pH by citric acid. The main component is a highly foaming surfactant which has low skin irritation.

High viscosity SLEO and MH grades are very well suited to thicken washing up liquids as they are normally form a clear solution, have a good level of compatibility with ionic tensides and can easily be incorporated into the washing up liquid, due to their delayed solubility. Good storage stability will also be achieved.